Every day on the road you complain and complain

You don’t think I see it, but I see all the pain

You think it’s easy for me

It’s not as easy as it seems

You may not understand, but I’ve got to live up this dream

It’s a pain in my heart every mile I go

But I’m trying to pay off a life we never owned

I’m making our list crossing things one off at a time

I’m making our kids memories, so they can pass that standing line

You don’t think I’m tired of seeing all that road

I’m just as tired as you when you sit next to that empty throne

I know you miss me being around

But I miss you too, and wish your company could be found

But God’s given us a base

We got to live up to it, and keep with its pace

Look at all its foundation has done

Now we’re building on it, and it’s making those debt enemies run

But I know even though I’m busy, you need me just like I need you

So imma keep on trying to get home so we can spend more time just between us two

And even though I’m so far away

I still feel you by my side everyday

And I love you

Even when you don’t think it’s true.

By, Rheanne

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