Bedtime Violence

Part 1:

I’m the girl who sheds a tear in silence

I’m the girl who’s scared of bedtime violence

You will find me wide awake at night

When I draw my sword for a crimson fight

Demons taunt me with dangerous deeds

They take advantage of my stolen needs

Their cold whispers creep down my spine

As their spider-fingers crawl on my thighs

And suddenly – I lose my mind.

Part 2:

Insanity breaks a new part of me

While I sit ashamed with what I see

I let temptation steal away –

The innocence I once displayed.

I let the monsters deep inside,

And they take the purity I held so high.

Hoping praying to the God above

That the price he paid was just enough

To rid me of this broken heart,

Seal my fate with a disregard –

Of all the mistakes I took too far.

– Celine Rheanne Warren



Gravel hands going with your touch

Stomping on me with thorns on your feet

And I breathe death while you intoxicate me

But I’m drawn to the sound of your lies

I’m lost when your kiss breaks through

And I’m hypnotized by you.

By, Rheanne


Baby Steps

With this heart in my hand

And it beating your love aloud

I can’t stand to be still any longer

For you I’ll take another step

I’ll give another chance

Steal my soul with a kiss

And I’ll be there to live off your lips

With my heart I give it to you

And wherever you stand I’ll be waiting

Because I know you’ll have perfect written all over

And in my eyes you’ll stay

Not a single word from you to do harm

But for love to take way

And no longer will I be blind

But by the heart of God and his gift of you

And when I see the color of your eyes

Blue will no longer be here to remind

Instead a sea of promises

Only to be kept deep in

Where no harm can come by

So when I wait just keep a promise

That you move with small steps

It won’t be easy

But at least we will be able to define love.

By, Rheanne