Bedtime Violence

Part 1:

I’m the girl who sheds a tear in silence

I’m the girl who’s scared of bedtime violence

You will find me wide awake at night

When I draw my sword for a crimson fight

Demons taunt me with dangerous deeds

They take advantage of my stolen needs

Their cold whispers creep down my spine

As their spider-fingers crawl on my thighs

And suddenly – I lose my mind.

Part 2:

Insanity breaks a new part of me

While I sit ashamed with what I see

I let temptation steal away –

The innocence I once displayed.

I let the monsters deep inside,

And they take the purity I held so high.

Hoping praying to the God above

That the price he paid was just enough

To rid me of this broken heart,

Seal my fate with a disregard –

Of all the mistakes I took too far.

– Celine Rheanne Warren


Baby Steps

With this heart in my hand

And it beating your love aloud

I can’t stand to be still any longer

For you I’ll take another step

I’ll give another chance

Steal my soul with a kiss

And I’ll be there to live off your lips

With my heart I give it to you

And wherever you stand I’ll be waiting

Because I know you’ll have perfect written all over

And in my eyes you’ll stay

Not a single word from you to do harm

But for love to take way

And no longer will I be blind

But by the heart of God and his gift of you

And when I see the color of your eyes

Blue will no longer be here to remind

Instead a sea of promises

Only to be kept deep in

Where no harm can come by

So when I wait just keep a promise

That you move with small steps

It won’t be easy

But at least we will be able to define love.

By, Rheanne