If I’m Not a Filipino..

if I’m American…
i might fill my hunger with breads and cakes. not with rice.
and probably encountered temptations of sex-permissive girls
scattered on Vegas lights.

if I’m Mexican…
it would more likely for me to turn to as a boxer.
one of those guys grasping for the healthiest grilled potato,
to beat Pacman the “Mexi-cutioner”…

if I’m European…
i could have not been much interested in the beauty of the East,
could have now drunkened by the worlds their lands give,
and would say,”Old World lonely..”

if I’m Japanese…
i would prefer much of technology rather than self-sciences,
and with city navigators and robots out working for me,
i could have lost my common sense.

if I’m Malaysian…
i might own part of blame for its claim for Sabah.

if I’m from the Pacific…
i might spend my days aboard a wooden canoe.No challenges in life.

if I’m not a Filipino…
i would never discover this nation’s sincerity amidst its hypocrisy.
its beauty amidst its dirt.
its love amidst its hate.

if I’m not a Filipino…
probably i will never came to know my wife.
the princess of my heart,
and my better half in life.

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When Morning Comes

Startled by a sudden change

Your thoughts flow like air outside

Your hands begin to wrinkle holding onto mine

They display life,

Sketching every measure of its pain

Revealing all the counts of shame

Naked-they show the consequence of our bad choices

But don’t be afraid.

This is only one’s night

In a single moment- we’ll awake

He will fade out the stars, to erase our sin

The warmth of His love will brush our skin

Then the wrath in His voice will set fire to that choice

And while it burns to ash,

His forgiveness will come like a storm

Flooding new rivers, to carry away our shame

He will plant seeds inside us

All so we may meet Him in his infinite grace.

My God, and His everlasting peace.

-Celine Rheanne Warren

Bedtime Violence

Part 1:

I’m the girl who sheds a tear in silence

I’m the girl who’s scared of bedtime violence

You will find me wide awake at night

When I draw my sword for a crimson fight

Demons taunt me with dangerous deeds

They take advantage of my stolen needs

Their cold whispers creep down my spine

As their spider-fingers crawl on my thighs

And suddenly – I lose my mind.

Part 2:

Insanity breaks a new part of me

While I sit ashamed with what I see

I let temptation steal away –

The innocence I once displayed.

I let the monsters deep inside,

And they take the purity I held so high.

Hoping praying to the God above

That the price he paid was just enough

To rid me of this broken heart,

Seal my fate with a disregard –

Of all the mistakes I took too far.

– Celine Rheanne Warren

A Royal Flush

Will I scream and throw –

A noose over my lifetime

Could you take the fall,

Standing next to me

Death a dismal gray,

and light so far away.

Why can’t we drown together?

I guess cuz’ his love’s forever.

Maybe we’re too sad to die

We deserve guilt, a life of lies – right?

No, since we know life is cold

We can’t look for cards to fold.

We should look for vitality –

A spiritual audacity

To cut our nerves of a stubborn disease,

And set our eyes on a vigorous type of intrepidity

To bring our hearts to a pause,

And let His blood make up for the cause.

Just don’t let them make a fool of you

Show them what it means to be true.

Celine Rheanne Warren

Ghazal : “Time”

Everyone’s running away from the truths of time,

Some are just waiting to be outdrawn by time..

Dreams are just some steps across the line..

We can make it happen in some place in time..

Like the numbers that start from zero to nine..

We will just all be the same at the end of time..

Live seriously and you’re like a tasteless wine..

Learn to play the world but not careless time..

Whose verses were this?..Yes!..these lines were mine..

Leaving you the understanding for all the spells of time..

Pantoum : “Pantoum For The Christmas”

Everyone’s searching for that magical star

As the world is waiting for that eve to come..

Others keep guessing where the three kings are..

The Giver of Light is just yet seen by some.

As the world is waiting for that eve to come..

Songs of the children fills up all the streets..

The Giver of Light is just yet seen by some.

On that eve,it will be all for those who fits.

Songs of the children fills up all the streets..

Touching the hearts with love and peace.

On that eve,it will be all for those who fits.

His sincere promise laid on the star-lit trees.

Touching the hearts with love and peace..

Others keep guessing where the three kings are..

His sincere promise laid on the star-lit trees.

Everyone’s searching for that magical star.

Digital Poison

To wake up, spun upside down

Lost inside, isolated

Hate overtook her with chains

She saw you with your hands wrapped around her neck

As if she were your shame

You got her high off your tongue

Treated her like a prize and whistled her to her knees

She bowed to you, the idol of lust

Because your hands deceived her

Shortly later she realized,

You taught her to walk, only to twist her ankles out

Just like screws, which you took to, didn’t you

She was so victim to you – followed every request

How could she forget you, all wasted in her youth?

Just take her, click the purity away

figures, people watch porn everyday.

By, Celine Rheanne Warren



She’s like a Disney princess while I’m just humpy-dumpy..

She’s like a Happy meal while I’m just a Wendy’s twenty..

Whether on the end I’m blinded or still twenty-twenty..

I’ll still go on with this even if sounds so crazy..

Like a word converter of zH-Hans,

Like a burger patty inside a burger buns,

Like a stadium of hundred runs,

This chill came out at a sudden “ONCE”..

A song says, “You and I could be Aladdin and Jasmine..”,

I wish we can be that way even at the last min…

That at the end of the day it would be you and me sittin’

Looking back at the years we hold on for the great win..